Jaguars Visit Feed My Starving Children

On January 21st, Adventure Club went to Feed my Starving Children. This is an organization that has a mission to feed kids, feed spirits, and empower diverse communities all over the world.  The organization describes their work in the following way: 

The work we do is deeply personal to us, our volunteers, donors, food distribution partners and meal recipients. And we mean it when we say it: “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” Because no one deserves to go hungry, especially when we can do something about it.

While the Conrady Jaguars volunteered their time, the session members packed a total of 95 boxes which totals 20,520 meals equivalent to $4,924.80.  Feed My Starving Children estimates that this will feed 56 children for 1 year. This is just one of the many ways teachers work with students to fulfill the district’s core values of Being the Best for the World and addressing Public Responsibility and Citizenship.