Fall Fun Galore: A Fantastic Fest for the Conrady Jaguars


The gymnasiums were transformed into a lively carnival atmosphere with a variety of game booths. Students tested their skills at games like pop-a-shot, kick-darts, ring toss, and the classic bean bag toss.  Laughter and friendly competition filled the air as participants tried their luck; aiming for Jaguar Paws to shop the 100+ prizes in our amazing ROAR Store. Students Rebecca M. and Juleen F. both graded the evening with an “A” for an amazingly good time. 


No fest is complete without tasty food, and this event did not disappoint. The food concessions offered our students’ favorites such as pizza, nachos, a variety of snacks, and ice cream treats. The music was on point for a spooktacular time, thanks to the talented D.J., Mr. Makropoulos, who kept the energy high throughout the night. 


One of the evening’s highlights was the costume contest. Jaguar students showed off their creativity by dressing up in an array of costumes, from spooky monsters and superhero characters to adorable animals and elegant superstars. Students nominated each other for their impressive couture, as every costume was a work of art. Prizes were awarded for the most creative costume, best makeup, and best hair, making the contest an exciting and competitive event. 


The festival’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the parents, teachers, and student volunteers.  Their hard work in organizing the event, setting up game booths, running food concessions, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment was truly commendable. Their commitment to their Conrady Family was evident in every aspect of the night. 


The Fall Fest was a fantastic evening that brought the community together and provided a space for students to celebrate the season. It was a reminder that the spirit of togetherness and the joy of festivities can make even the crisp autumn air feel warm and welcoming. This event will surely be a cherished memory for the students, and it leaves everyone anticipating what next year’s Fall Fest will bring!