Lady Jaguars Reign Champions of the Block Party at the 2024 Conrady V-Bash


As soon as the students started entering the stands the crowd began ROARing with anticipation for the games to begin.  After school on Friday, February 9th Conrady Staff challenged the Girls' and Boys’ Volleyball teams at the long-awaited VBash. The staff did everything in their power to battle the kids in 3 rounds of games. They should hold their heads high for a well-played match. Though the games were close, ultimately the Lady Jaguars claimed victory over both boys and staff.  The girls and their coach found themselves jumping for joy after beating all their opponents.  

In between games the fans anxiously jumped at the opportunity to be selected by the M.C. of the event, Social Studies teacher Mr. Mateja.  They hoped to show off their skills in a serving contest, scooter race, and a free throw challenge competing for prizes provided by the Jaguar Ambassadors.  On top of these prizes 3 lucky winners, Christian Myrda, Zuzana Kozyra, and Julia Sopiarz were recipients of special gift cards. Lucky winner Jaxx Wilk was selected to bring 3 friends to a special VIP table for a free large pizza and drinks to enjoy during the game. Jenna Hamed won the honor of getting to pie Mr. Mateja in the face! 

In addition to the support of over 200 fans, our mascot Conrad made an appearance to cheer on the teams. He even tried to crash the staff game!  A special guest from the North Palos District Office, future Superintendent Christine Droba, played alongside the Jaguar Staff showing her support for our middle school community. 

In true Jaguar style, the players supported one another with cheers, high-fives, and supreme sportsmanship. Student players even went out of their way to coach their staff opponents during time-outs to help them gain advantages over their rivals. At the end of the festivities, students honored the coordinator of the event, STEM teacher, Mrs. Patti-Hunt.  Adorned with a special crown, Mrs Patti was charioted away by students acknowledging her hard work and showing their appreciation for all of the time and energy she consistently dedicates to fostering a welcoming, fun, and inclusive community.  The overwhelming atmosphere of mutual respect and pure enjoyment that saturated Jaguar Territory left each participant of the afternoon’s event with a happy heart full of school spirit.