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Welcome to the 2021-2022 Drama Season

Directors: Mrs. Dignin and Ms. Hausman

Drama Mama Hausman and Dignin

Play auditions will be held in February for the 2022 school play.  Listen to the announcements and check your gmails, we will contact you soon.  YooHoo!!!
Drama Club is an extracurricular activity offered to any student who interested in learning more about acting and improvisation through cooperative groups made up of 6th, 7th and 8th graders working together.  It is a way to gain confidence in appearing before an audience as well as speaking clearly and with articulation.
Comedy Jam Variety Show crew


Meetings begin in October 8th and continue until November 19th.  Students will attend Drama Club on Fridays, beginning at 2:30 and ending at 4:30. Buses will be provided.  Meetings will be held in the cafeteria or in Mrs. Dignin's classroom if the cafeteria is unavailable. Once full, there will be a waiting list, so make sure to listen for announcements to sign up.  

Every February, there will be tryouts for the school play open to all Conrady students who are academically eligible.  Of course, the students who participated in the Drama Club will have more background and experience as well as the opportunity to display the responsibility and dedication to theatre work, this strengthens possibility of a role in the play. However, all students are welcome to audition.  

We have our fingers crossed to be able to bring you a live spring play.  Further details to follow.
Aliens are coming Crimson House
2016 The Aliens are Coming
2018 Crimson House Murder
School for Nerds
 2017 School for Nerds
2019 Snow White's Variety Show