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Student Council

1. to build school spirit
2. to improve cooperation and collaboration between faculty, students, and/or the community
3. to encourage participation in preparation of school and community events
4. to demonstrate and show enthusiasm at all school events
5. to set a good example to others
6. to practice good citizenship by demonstrating honesty and kindness
7. to encourage school and community pride
8. to respect other people and their rights 
  • Representatives must have at least a "C" average and meet eligibility requirements according to the student handbook.
  • Officers must be in the 7th and 8th grade, and carry an "A/B" average
  • President & Vice President must be in the 8th grade, and carry an "A/B" average. 
  • Both representatives and officers must attend all Student Council meetings unless supervisors have granted permission.
  • Student Council members are expected to take notes at the meetings, and report information to their homeroom classes.
  • Student Council members will serve on subcommittees during Student Council meetings.
  • Student Council members are expected to volunteer for at least one activity during the school year.