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Program Information

  • Be committed to new ideas, hard-work, hustle, and team play.
  • Maintain “eligibility” performing well academically. 
  • Demonstrate such behaviors at school that are exemplary to the rest of the student body. 
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship and conduct at all times during contests and practices. 
  • Learn how to accepted criticism (Attitude is everything!)
  • Be at practices on time and warm up on his own. Late to the games/practices results in extra conditioning, and loss of start and playing time!
  • Come prepared with practice and game gear.
  • Understand playing time is not guaranteed. It is earned with an understanding of basketball concepts, hard-work at practice, commitment, development of skills, athletic talent, and team-work.
  • Show the utmost respect for players, parents, coaches, and referees. 
  • Respect locker room and bus behavior rules.
  • Know that disrespecting rules is a disruption to team goals and result in a loss of playing time and possible removal from the team. 
  • Be loyal to his team by being helpful, patient, and supportive of each teammate.
  • Plan his schedule to make team commitments. Outside of your health, family, and school, the team is the priority.
  • Understand that in today’s world it seems with the growing number of travel teams, sports clubs, community programs, and school programs that he will be faced with difficult decisions. 
  • Communicate with coaches directly and immediately if for any reason you have schedule conflicts for attending team activities.